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You worked hard to build your success.

You realize you have a unique opportunity to do “more” with your money. 

If you’re like many successful women, you’re likely wondering how you can maximize your income today and figure out which “financial seeds” to plant for tomorrow.  You know you need a plan if you're going to realize the peace of mind you desire.    

Perhaps you’ve tried to piece together tidbits of advice and strategies on your own, but the reality is, you haven’t yet mastered the knowledge, tools or mindset to create significant traction.

And if you’re like the women I talk to, you are incredibly busy and you haven’t had the bandwidth to figure this out. You end up putting it off for another month...another year.

Time is money.  And money is opportunity. If you're ready to design your personal roadmap to long-term financial success, and you want the step-by-step support, then join me! 



The Awakened Wealth Experience

Join me for this 3-Day Interactive Virtual Experience to design your custom blueprint for financial freedom.

Elevate your financial confidence, strategy + mindset to plant the seeds for tomorrow's financial abundance and today's peace of mind.

Some of the things you'll accomplish include:

  • Redefine wealth to incude your specific, non-negotiable and aspirational goals. Stop looking at your money in vague terms and hoping for security.
  • Maximize your areas of opportunity to generate more income and learn why most people focus on the wrong approach. You'll see how some of the guru advice could be limiting your progress.
  • Understand how the majority of people define financial freedom and why that actually keeps them from achieving it.
  • Discover your mindset blind spots that place limits on your wealth and abundance.
  • Learn my favorite tool to make big, better informed financial decisions.
  • Look at real-life strategies to make small changes today that could lead to 5 and 6 figure gains tomorrow. Seriously.
  • Feel more empowered and confident with your money. Get excited to be more hands on with your wealth, impact and possibilities.
  • Join me for a powerful laser coaching session!

Working with Amy...



"Amy is one of the most humble, compassionate and genuine coaches you will meet. She's an expert on helping you uncover the hidden subtleties that have been holding you back forever. It's easy to get real with her - FAST. Her only goal is to get you the clarity and forward movement that has eluded you since the time of dirt."

Kelly Harrell

Money Coach, Money Tree Academy

"Amy helped me completely shift my perspective around money and what is possible!  I see so much opportunity and feel energized to start my new business!  I connected with myself and my power in a way I never imagined was possible.  She saw in me and brought out in me what I struggled to see for myself.  She’s my money coaching angel!"

Kimberly Edwards



Time really is money.

You know you can't afford to wait, so what's getting in the way?

Because you make good money, you haven't paid it much attention.

The actual path to freedom feels mysterious-where's the finish line?

You feel guilty about wanting more money - it feels superficial.

Making financial decisions, like investing, feels overwhelming so you abdicated those decisions to a partner

Success to this point has taxed your well-being and you're afraid of what "more" will cost you

Claim your Financial Power! 

Make the journey with someone who's successfully traveled the road to financial freedom

Eliminate your confusion by cutting out the noise

We are bombarded daily with messages of what success and wealth "should" look like. I find much of the "guru advice" to be more harmful than helpful. There is NO one-size-fits-all solution and YOU are the person who must decide. Let me help you cut through the noise and help you design your path to a life you love!

Stay the course by tapping your unwavering motivation

There will be days when the journey feels hard and times when you can't avoid a setback. I want to ensure you have the fuel to go the distance to keep your promise to yourself. I will also teach you a method to build resilience and rise above life's curveballs and distractions. (Money is both a mental + strategic game!)

Avoid overwhelm by keeping the strategy simple

I will share the 3 essential paths to maximizing your wealth. Winning with wealth is about knowing where to invest your time, energy and money. I'll also share my favorite *free* tool that will elevate the way you make financial decisions. The strategies I'm sharing are the vetted ones I've used personally to build my own financial freedom.

Claim your full financial power

We'll look more closely at where you are holding yourself back. Where do YOU get in your own way despite your best intentions? (We can't just blame it on life.) Where is your perspective too narrow to recognize opportunities? As frustrating as it can be, most of us can't identify those blind spots on our own. I'll share one of my favorite tools to help you dig deep! You can't "do better" until you "know better."



I’m Amy…

I’m a wealth coach, entrepreneur and self-made millionaire.  My passion is helping women create the life and abundance that they dream of…for themselves, their families, and their causes.  Maybe that sounds like you? 

Mentoring growth-focused, determined women to create this abundance, without sacrificing themselves in the process, is why I beleive I was put on this planet. True wealth, that is abundance in all areas of your life, starts with you. My philosophy is that wealth is "an inside out job."

I have coached thousands of women just like you that have really big dreams, big hearts and perhaps a penchant for fun and cool experiences.  Together, let's build the wealth that pays for what you truly desire.

I’m glad you’ve made it here.  Money requires wrangling the emotional aspects in addition to mastering the physics of actually building wealth. Even if you have struggled for years with doubt, confidence, or the many things that plague women’s thoughts, you CAN make financial headway.  We all have the ability to BE more, do more and achieve more. 

My goal is to help you discover your secret sauce, get you out of your own way, and realize those big dreams!  It’s time to say yes to you!

Amy Westbrook, CPCC

Judgment-free zone to talk money...

"Amy’s ability to tie values to financial goals and determine roadblocks is amazing. As a financial advisor, I see my clients’ constant struggle between knowing what they should do versus taking actionable steps to reach those goals. Amy’s work helps connect those dots and eliminate the head trash that keeps you stuck."

Jo Brown, Financial Investment Advisor

"Amy is genuine, compassionate, dynamic and REAL.  Her approach is relatable and her sincerity is deep from her heart.  She really believes in you and truly wants the best for you. She sees that you can do it, even when you can't see it for yourself.  She's compassionate and at the same time will call out your crap so you can see it and kick it to the door."

Tara Brennan

Invest in your fulfillment and your future today. Explore a step-by-step process to develop a specific, personally fulfilling path to your Financial Freedom. Piecing the strategy together yourself could take years...and then you hope you are doing enough. (You know hope isn't a strategy, right?!)

Learn the language of wealth

Gather personal insights to get immediate traction

Design your individualized path to freedom

Dedicate time now to secure your future

Discover the essential wealth building strategies

Participate in laser coaching and group masterminding

Design a lifestyle you love..and can afford

Reframe your mindset to recieve abundance

Topics that might pique your interest:

  • How increasing your income by only $10/hr in a 30 hour work week could add over $700,000 to your retirement.
  • Why traditional budgeting and sacrificing your lattes are not your best path to financial freedom.
  • How to move past your circumstances to generate additional income and a meaningful lifestyle.
  • Realizing YOU can do this. You don't need a magic bullet, a partner or a risky scheme.

What's Included:

Here's what you get when you invest in the Virtual Experience General Admission Ticket.


Three days of LIVE interactive instruction and coaching

Amy is a certified life coach and professional wealth coach. Having money coached for a Fortune 500 bank, Amy has seen it all. She offers a zero-judgment, safe space to talk all things wealth. She's there to give you the mental and emotional support.


Design your "Financial Freedom" blueprint

Your workbook and the interactive exercises will help you clarify what true wealth - that is abundance in all areas of life - looks like for you. Separate your true desires from the societal influences you are bombarded with. Commit to your "million-dollar opportunities" to leave the event with immediately actionable strategies. Let's put your money to work!


Laser coaching opportunity with Amy

Amy will be offering a laser coaching session on Sunday evening. While you may not personally participate, you will be surprised at how the coaching and advice can apply to you. Take advatage of this opportunity while you have a mentor at your fingertips.


Community Masterminding

We'll break out into smaller groups during the event for you to deepen your understanding, get help if you need to brainstorm or get inspired/adopt ideas from the other participants.


A Surprise Delivered to your Door

Wealth is about having the ability create unique experiences for yourself. I want to reward your investment in yourself with a little surprise. Because of the variablity in the postal service I cannot guarantee delivery before the event begins.

Upgrade to an All-Access Pass to also recieve:


The Wealth Mindfulness Experience

Saturday evening you are invited to become re-centered and re-energized with Master Yogi, Ali Bucavales as she guides you through breathing exercises and gentle Hatha poses. We will then flow into a Guided Visualization to help you embody the wealth and lifestyle you envisioned during the day.


Lifetime Access to the Recorded Sessions, Laser Coaching and Mindfulness Experience

Everytime you revisit your financial goals, know that you will have full access to the event recordings. Studies show it's hard to take in and retain all your new learning. Problmen solved! [The accountability workshop will also be posted.]


Accountability Workshop April 11 @ 3:30pm CST

Have you ever left an event and realized a few days later that you had some additional questions? I'll be there to coach you through any tweaks you want to make to ensure you keep your momentum. A replay will be available as well.

Your Investment is only $97


$197 for your Full Access Pass!

Be sure to get your ticket before 10pm MST on March 25.


Be a Part of Something BIGGER!

I am investing 10% of this event's profits towards to support women launching and growing their businesses. KIVA lets us - you AND me - support women through education or to help purchase the capital they need to support themselves, their families and communities.


What happens if I have to miss part of the event?

We have you covered. By purchasing the All-Access Pass you'll get the full session recordings as well as the recordings to the Mindulfulness Experience, the Laser Coaching session, and the Accountability workshop.

"I don't have the money right now. Will this be offered again in the future?"

What is getting in the way and what will be different a year from now? What I actually find, is often the money IS there but you have a block around investing in YOURSELF. Even if it is a stretch, consider an investment now so those days of "stretch" disappear! This cycle has to stop at some point. Why not do it with the support of a wealth coach?

I'm already investing in a retirement plan and/or have a financial advisor. Do I need this event?

Yes and here's why. I love that you are already working towards building your wealth. But, are you crystal clear on what you best life looks like and how you'd like to fund it? Also, my experience is that you can be "successfully stuck." That is when you are making good money - you are very comfortable...and complacent. Join us to look for those blind spots that are limiting your potential.

Is this just a three day webinar?

Not at all! This event will be interactive, and similar to a live event. You will have exercises to complete during the sessions. You'll also get to enjoy breakout sessions with other like-minded women to expand and deepen your learning. There will be slides and educational context shared, but we promise to make it engaging!

I'm too busy to commit the time right now. Will this be offered again this year?

If you don't have the time now, what will change for you in the next 3 months, 6 months, or 10 years? That’s right … nothing! So let’s get this done already! And time is something that is working against you when it comes to your finances. You have to make the time for it, or else you miss out on the magic of compound interest!

I am just launching (or relaunching) my business. I don't have a huge surplus of money. Can I still create a plan towards financial freedom?

Abolutely! There is no time like the present to start. You can make small investments of time, money or energy. Building in those habits now will help you in the future as you grow your income and have more options. (P.s. you have to join to figure out those options!)

Is this one of those events where you want me to hand over control of my investments?

Heck no - just the opposite! I want you to feel more empowered after this event to make your own decisions about your money. I don't sell any financial products (stocks, annuities, insurance, etc). I am a coach and I do have coaching programs but I don't provide specific investing advice.

I can make recommendations to my favorite brokerage house and/or trusted financial advisors if you choose to go that route. (p.s. You want to be involved in big decisions about your money! There is no such thing as a "hands off" approach which we'll discuss at the event.

Design a life without compromise.

Take charge of your finances and create financial freedom. A small investment of time and money TODAY can pay big dividends towards your FUTURE.